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Friday, February 16th, 2024

9am to 11:30am PST

True Transformation Lies in Accessing Mindset AND Heartset

Ever wonder what your life would look like if you didn’t feel boxed in and restrained by the chaos surrounding your life… if you could harness all that power you know exists within you?

Or, if every personal and professional interaction you have was healing and empowering?

Join Casey Jackson's BE THE CHANGE training and unlock powerful insights, based in research, that provide the ultimate communication solution that will transform your world.

This course is for individuals, leaders and givers of the world who want to go beyond the common communication techniques to focus on the science of mindset and heartset that is key to transforming your life and the lives around you.

Casey will help you better understand and translate evidence parallel to and supporting Motivational Interviewing into a daily practice that will improve important outcomes in your life.

Research Reiterates What Casey Has Been Teaching

It's not the Model or the Method that has the Strongest Effect in Transforming Lives...

It's YOU

For over 30 years, Casey Jackson has created a spectrum of organizational and individual trainings focused on teaching underpinnings of the evidence-based method of communication known as Motivational Interviewing (MI). He has focused on teaching people how to think differently, better understand themselves, and embody the mindset and heartset of the teachings in a deeper, more personalized and meaningful way.

In this training, Casey will take this mission even further and explore the TOP 8 CHARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE CLINICIANS and how EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can tap into them to improve our lives and the lives of the people we serve. HERE ARE 4 TEASERS TO GET YOU STARTED...


• Curiosity/interest in others

• The Gift of a guess
• Listening well & reflecting

• Matching affect & tone

• NOT your experience


• Attitude of respect

• Deep sense of worth

• Warmth and affirming


• Internal & external congruence

• Awareness of own feelings & impressions

• Transparent vs hidden

• Appropriate self-disclosure


• Reduces defensiveness

• Increases outcomes
• Non-judgmental
• Open curiosity and empathic listening

Thank you for this Wonderful Insight!

This training series has done more than my previous trainings in getting me to use it during my actual clinical practice. It suddenly dawned on me that it isn’t just a dry, manualized technique, but a fluid and dynamic interplay between the provider and the client. Thank you for this wonderful insight.

Dr. Joseph Wainer

MD, Child Study and Treatment Center

Life Changing!

Casey, thank you for your time with our students and staff. The “Peer Court” steering committee met today and your impact on both students and staff is incredible. Trever stated multiple times what you provided is “life changing.” Having worked in education for over 20 years, rarely have I heard that phrase. I really appreciate your time and effort as we attempt to positively impact the culture of our school, but more importantly the skills and ability our students to help themselves and others. Thank you and I look forward to continuing this journey.”

John Hammil

Assistant Principal, John R. Rogers High School

My ONLY Recommendation

Casey Jackson has stood out and been a remarkable partner in advancing our vision to positively impact the lives of those we serve and contribute to the health, safety, and quality of life in our communities. Casey understands the complexity of the individuals we serve and the extent of the trauma the majority of them have experienced.

He is adept at seamlessly connecting the dots between multiple Evidence-Based Practices and how Motivational Interviewing, as a method of communication, links them together. What Casey provides is beyond the full spectrum of training. He invests in a true partnership to ensure your organization achieves the outcomes it’s seeking. Casey Jackson is my only recommendation for any organization searching for improved outcomes associated with fidelity-based Motivational Interviewing training.

Jan Tokumoto

Chief Operating Officer, Frontier Behavioral Health

Learned More in a 20-Minute Conversation…

I had the great privilege of receiving training from Casey and he was, without a doubt, the best trainer I ever had the opportunity to work with. Casey’s training has had the greatest impact on how I view rehabilitation and my role as a leader, counselor, and instructor… I learned more about my client in a 20-minute conversation Casey had with him than I had gathered in the previous four months.

Fatos Floyd

Director, Nebraska Center for the Blind

Casey talks about BE THE CHANGE and how to Integrate Integrity & Effectiveness in Helping Professions

  • Essence of Helping Others: Casey Jackson shares his life-long dedication to helping others and his journey from being a hands-on therapist to becoming an educator and trainer.

  • Importance of Evidence-based Practices: The significance of using data-driven methods to bring about effective change.

  • Balance between Being and Doing: Living and embodying the values one preaches is a key element in Casey's approach to training and personal growth.

  • The Concept of Self-Care: Tools to make a meaningful impact while also taking care of yourself to prevent burnout.

  • Integrity in Practice: The importance of ensuring your actions are in alignment with your values and teachings.

  • The Challenge of Sustaining Energy and Passion: Discuss the common issue of burnout in helping professions and the need for continuous support and learning to maintain enthusiasm and effectiveness.

  • Community and Shared Learning: There's an emphasis on the value of learning and growing within a community, sharing experiences, and learning from one another.

  • Reflecting on Personal Journeys: Casey shares his personal experiences and insights into the field of motivational interviewing and effective communication, offering a glimpse into his personal motivations and journeys.

At Its Essence, This Training Will Address the Following Core Tenants of Profound Communication


Understand how listening and responding more strategically and more mindfully can change dialogue for the better.


Recognize and address ambivalence in personal and professional contexts and how to help guide towards sustainable outcomes.


Develop greater empathy and understanding and tailor your communication so others feel heard, and seen, and understood.


Quickly de-escalate challenging conversations and resolve conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner.


Set realistic and achievable goals, increasing successful outcomes in health, relationships, personal development and more.


Avoid imposing solutions and instead be a guide for exploring and articulating motivations, goals and values.


Casey Jackson offers an empathetic and people-centered approach to communication. In this training, Casey will help you explore your motivations, resolve ambivalence, and empower you to make meaningful changes in your behavior. If you're feeling resistance or unsure about the prospect of change, let us introduce you to a new path forward.

  • Non-confrontational Approach: This training will be a comfortable and supportive environment for you to explore, express, and shift your mindset towards positive change.

  • Exploration of Values: Change is often accompanied by conflicting feelings and ambivalence about how to identify individual values. We will work together to identify your values and support you to move toward a clearer understanding of their powerful motivation for change.

  • Empowerment and Autonomy: Instead of imposing solutions, Casey will support you in identifying and articulating your own reasons for change which will foster a sense of autonomy that's needed to sustain behavior change over the long term.

  • Collaborative Goal Setting: Through active listening and reflective questioning, Casey will support you to clarify your goals and values in a collaborative setting which increases the likelihood that the identified goals are meaningful and relevant, enhancing your commitment to the change process.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) is the method of communication, the actual language and verbal strategies, to reduce resistance and increase functional engagement with clients in a strength-based change process. It teaches the practitioner how to effectively use their interpersonal skills to facilitate sustainable behavior change.

Casey Jackson has been focused on helping people create individual and organizational change using MI for 30 years, and specifically on evidence-based change for 15 years. He's a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and one of the first to be certified in this transformational work.

Casey's approach to training Motivational Interviewing has garnered international attention for innovation and improved outcomes for individuals and organizations for years.

Today, Casey continues to travel the world training leadership teams and keynote speaking. He has shifted many offerings online to accommodate demand and the growing and diverse needs of organizations.

Don't miss this opportunity to access a custom training from Casey on how to Be the Change.

Harnessing the Power of Communication with Casey

When it comes to developing this BE THE CHANGE training, I wanted to be able to create something that moved beyond just technique, that leaned even heavier into the mindset.

I had a moment that was pretty profound for me when a couple of clients shared similar stories.

They were managers and both of them separately had to deal with a personnel issue.

One of the individuals have supervised somebody that had actually been their peer. And now she was in a supervisory position. She had a strong personal relationship but there was a profound personnel issue that she had to deal with because she's a direct supervisor. She stressed over it, lost sleep over it, was emotional over it. She said, "I don't know how to do this." Just consternation and pain that she was struggling with.

And she said, "And then I had this 'aha' moment when I was driving to work." She continued, "I don't care if I'm doing Motivational Interviewing or not, I want to try to score fives across the board on all the intentions in the Motivational Interviewing Competency Assessment (MICA)."

My client went on to say, "I'm going to lean into all five of those intentions and see how it goes."

She said it was one of the most transformational conversations that she's ever had as a supervisor.

There was emotion, there were tears, there was a warmth, there was compassion. And it came to the resolution that was in everybody's best interest. And her employee/friend felt heard and understood and more clear and made healthier decisions from there.

I talked to another supervisor who shared a very similar story. She said, "You know, I don't know if I was doing MI, but I know I would have scored fours and fives on all the intentions in the MICA."

And that was the genesis of BE THE CHANGE for me. How do we get our mindset and heartset in the right place? What are specific things that we can measure that research shows will improve outcomes of human beings around us, and it doesn't have to be so technique driven.

It can be very much mindset and heart set driven so we can BE THE CHANGE.

And what are some of those things that we can practice on a day to day basis? And if we practice them, the world around us will change. That was the foundation for me in developing some of the curriculum for this training. I want more lightbulbs to go off...

"Oh, I can actually have this kind of a conversation and have these kinds of intentions in a difficult situation with a friend or a family member."

"I don't like the word, 'empowerment'. It supposes a position of authority. I much prefer the concept of dignity and respect. Our job isn't to 'save' other people; it's to help them help themselves; to shift their brain and thinking from a state of trauma to a state of executive functioning so they can take their next best step."


Motivational Interviewing Expert & Trainer
Founder of the Communication Solution

CEO of the Institute for Individual and Organizational Change


Unlock YOUR Power to BE THE CHANGE

Friday, February 16th, 2024
9am - 11:30am PST

Location: Online
with Casey Jackson

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